I am pleased to welcome you to my website.

My name is Victoria, I am a professional certified freelance wedding stylist, makeup artist, hair stylist and jewelry designer.

I provide makeup & hair services using top quality products and expert knowledge.

I have been working as a wedding hair and makeup artist for over 14 years and I have more than 1,000 happy brides and I worked on a shoot with world boxing champion Mike Tyson.

Also I’ve been created wedding, evening and casual jewelry since 2019 and now I create a completely finished, harmonious look for brides including hairstyle, makeup and custom jewelry.

I’ll always help you to get dressed, fix the veil and accessories.

All of the hair and makeup that you see on my site is completely done by me.


 Victoria Bonika.


My real passion is to work with people and for people.

I have a degree in medicine, in aesthetician and management, but I found that I’m a very creative person - since I was a young teen I have always loved hair, makeup and photography that’s why I graduated as makeup artist and then I took a course in hairstyling.

My beauty journey began right out of makeup school when I got a job at a CHANEL makeup counter.

After that, I was totally hooked and went on to work for many brands including L’Oreal, Guerlain, Cacharel, Lancome, Armani beauty,  L'Occitane etc.

I love traveling and I've done bride looks in different countries:

Iceland, Italy, Spain, Cuba.

My husband and I had our wedding photo shoot in Georgia in 2016.


I’m so happy that now I get to do what I love, from getting beautiful brides ready for their wedding day and it's my goal to make every girl feel and look amazing, beautiful, confident and glamorous for their special event.

I value education and am constantly looking for new courses to take to keep my craft as updated as possible.

I am so excited to be able to provide my clients with very personalized care and attention to detail.

I believe makeup is an art and every girls makeup should express their individuality.

I pay very close attention to what every client looks for in their makeup and hair, making sure it’s exactly how they like it.

I stick to a natural style in my hair and makeup and emphasize your natural own  beauty.

I am passionate about what I do - this means I’m passionate about each of you!


My family and I came to Canada in August 2022.

My husband is a professional wedding and family photographer.

We work as a team, which allows us to get you the perfect look and photos.

We have a daughter. She is 5 years old.

Other than makeup, some of my other interests include traveling, spending time with my family and dancing to Spanish music.

A year ago I got into making bouquets and chocolate, drawing and illustrating.

I'm looking forward to meeting you!

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