I provide you individual jewelry lessons, makeup lessons for yourself, individual hair lessons for stylists.

That way you will get the most information.

I have more than 10 years of experience in the beauty industry and I will tell you about my findings and products that really work.

I am not a representative of any particular brand and I only advise products that I have personally tested.

You will learn exactly what you need without any unnecessary empty information.

You will learn to understand the variety of cosmetics and techniques





In this class, we'll go over:

- The basics of facial skin care;

- Everyday express makeup in 15 minutes;

- Everyday makeup and its transformation into evening makeup;

- Cosmetics, brushes, and means of application;

- We will choose everything you need: products, textures, colors;

- Your cosmetic bag: how useful are the products that are in it to you, what to replace and what to add.


The class is suitable for all beginners and amateurs of make-up with any level of training; for girls who want to learn how to choose and apply make-up correctly.

Makeup and brushes for the class are provided.

During the class you can record the material on the photo and shoot a short video.




In the lesson I will explain you the basic techniques of creating jewelry in the technique of weaving (hairpins, twigs, combs) or in the technique of assembling (earrings, bracelets, chains, chokers).
As a result, you will learn how to create jewelry and create any piece of jewelry in the class and take it with you




In this lesson I'll teach you popular hairstyles, styling, and techniques.

You can choose any of hairstyles from my website, instagram page.



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